I am based in Perthshire, with easy access to the rest of Scotland.

My photographic journey began in inauspicious style; in my teens I used a compact camera until it died in the humidity of Tanzania while on a biodiversity research expedition in 1998. Ahead of my next trip to Vietnam a few months later, I bought my Dad’s manual SLR kit and promptly discovered what I’d been missing. The creative potential was so exciting and I haven’t looked back. I find photography and ecology perfect partners to understand the natural world and to share its wonders with a wider audience (I have a PhD in avian ecology). In 2005 I set up the website Earthinfocus.com with two friends to display our photography. We have now grown to eight members and use the site as a platform for photographic story telling about ecology and conservation.

My photographs have been published in a variety of books, newspapers and magazines and I am represented by the photographic agencies Alamy Images (UK), Nature in Stock (Netherlands) and ImageBrief (US, UK and Australia).

Through my photography I strive to reflect the way I view the world. In turn, the way I see the world around me changes as my photographic skills improve and artistic eye develop; it’s a constantly evolving path. I love to capture fleeting moments in time, whether an animal caught mid-jump or lunge, or an expression passing across someone’s face. I prefer to create clean photographs free of clutter – unless clutter is the point.

I now use Canon professional digital SLR cameras and a variety of professional Canon and Sigma lenses. I’ll spare you the geeky camera chat!

Please get in touch if you would like to hire me for a commission, have any questions or are interested in ordering a print of my work.

Nature Stock PhotographyStock photography by Adam Seward at Alamy